Great Fun Retro Gifts from Eddie Rockets.

Retro Products

Eddie Rockets Rocket Waffle Maker

Eddie Rockets Waffle Maker

Bake two light and crispy waffles (Belgian Style) in the Retro 1950’s style non-stick waffle maker with die cast aluminium griddle for even-heat distribution.

Eddie Rockets Rocket Popcorn Maket

Eddie Rockets Popcorn Maker

The Retro Hot corn Popcorn maker is a table-top sized party pleaser. In just minutes, family and friends can enjoy the fresh taste of crunchy, warm popcorn!

Eddie Rockets Rocket Hotdog Toaster

Eddie Rockets Hotdog Toaster

The Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster is a fast, fun and convenient way to enjoy hot dogs. This unit holds up to two regular-sized hot dogs and two hot dog buns at one time.

Eddie Rockets Rocket Candyfloss maker

Eddie Rockets Candyfloss Maker

The Cotton Candy Maker transforms your favourite hard candies into fluffy, melt-in- your-mouth cotton candy.